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DEKRA Digital Service (DDS)

A managed, quicker inspection project benefits everyone. We have broken down the old inspection practices into components and reassembled them in the new Digital Service (DDP). The visual and real-time user interface keeps inspectors and the customer up-to-date.

Managing the inspection activities is a multifaceted sequence of events. Schedules, availability of current materials, in addition to documenting the inspection results are central factors in executing the projects. The more parties that participate in the inspection or the more complex the inspection site, the more fragmented is also the information. In this situation, there is a risk that something significant is not detected or some of the information might not reach the correct people.

Real-time data collection

DDP is a web-based operating environment, which collects and shares real-time information. The user interface is distinctively visual and works on most terminal devices. The content from the inspection point can easily be entered to the system using a terminal device in the field.

Collection, analysis and sharing of content

The DEKRA Digital Service (DDP) collects and centrally manages all documentation from the inspections, ranging from inspection documents to digital X-rays. This provides the ability to compare and analyse data, set limit values and, for example, automate the schedules for regular inspections. DDP is flexible and can be expanded according to needs.

One view, lots of information

The significant sections for inspections have been compiled into one user interface in the service.
The goal is to clarify and simplify the execution of the inspection chain and its management. DDP collects, display and distributes information in many different formats as needed.


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