3rd Party Inspections of Pressure Equipment

We are an inspection agency accredited by FINAS. (FINAS = Finnish Accreditation Service, Finland's national accreditation agency).
We operate as an inspection authority approved by Tukes for pressure equipment subject to Finnish laws. (Tukes = Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency).
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has notified the European Parliament and Council (EU) that we are a Notified Body 0875, in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU.

DEKRA Industrial Oy performs legally required inspections of pressure equipment.

Our inspections are not just about legal compliance. The foundation of our inspections is goal-oriented cooperation, which aims to develop and support our customer's business in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
DEKRA Industrial Oy performs inspections on pressure equipment, containers, pipelines and mechanical equipment and completes conformity assessments. We serve our clients in conformity assessments, technical testing, condition assessment and condition control system assessment of the equipment and systems of the process, energy, nuclear energy and chemical industries and the construction industry.
Pressure equipment introduced to the EU market must be CE-marked. Conforming to the Pressure Equipment Directive ensures that the safety requirements are fulfilled and the conformity has been assessed according to European requirements.

Our activities in Finland include, among others:

• The Notified Body tasks according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED)
• As an inspection authority approved by Tukes, including the inspections of pressure equipment being used and the inspections and approvals of hazardous material containers
• Pressure equipment inspections for marine vessels as authorised by Trafi (Finnish Transport Safety Agency)
• Qualifying welding methods and welders
• Inspections for approved facilities according to the Natural Gas Regulation
• Inspections according to the Liquid Petroleum Gas Regulation
• Inspections according to the Chemicals Act
• Storage container inspections
• Third party inspections