Qualification of Welding Procedures

Ensuring Safe and Consistent Welding Processes

Quality assurance is a must for welding processes. For example, manufacturers of welded pressure equipment can only obtain approval if their welding processes meet the quality requirements according to international standards, directives and national legislations.

To guarantee consistent quality, processes for permanent joining frequently need to be approved and certified by a notified body, recognized third party body or accredited certification body.

About Qualification of Permanent Joining Procedures

Combining the expertise for the approval process with our own resources for non-destructive testing, DEKRA can provide a complete package from a single source to fulfil all stages in the process certification and approval process. As a notified testing and certification body, all DEKRA welding experts can certify and approve permanent joining procedures, following requirements of all relevant standards, directives, national legislations or your individual specifications.
DEKRA also offers specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials according to following standards and codes:
  • ISO 15610 - qualification based on tested welding consumables
  • ISO 15611 - qualification based on previous welding experience
  • ISO 15612 - qualification by adoption of a standard welding procedure
  • ISO 15613 - qualification based on pre-production welding test
  • ISO 15614-1 - procedure test for arc and gas welding of steels and arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys
  • ISO 15614-2 - procedure test for arc welding of aluminum and its alloys
  • ISO 15614-3 - procedure test for fusion welding of non-alloyed and low-alloyed cast irons
  • ISO 15614-4 - procedure test for finishing welding of aluminum castings
  • ISO 15614-5 - procedure test for arc welding of titanium, zirconium and their alloys
  • ISO 15614-6 - procedure test for arc and gas welding of copper and its alloys
  • ISO 15614-7 - procedure test for overlay welding
  • ISO 15614-8 - procedure test for welding of tubes to tube-plate joints
  • ISO 15614-11 - procedure test for electron and laser beam welding
  • ISO 15614-12 - procedure test for spot, seam and projection welding
  • ISO 14555 - arc stud welding
In addition, DEKRA also offers procedure approval for brazing processes according to EN 13134 and additional requirements for procedures according to:
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • AD 2000 Regulations
  • ASME section IX