Certification of Welding Personnel

Guaranteeing Highly Qualified and Certified Personnel for Permanent Joining

Welding and brazing are the key to a safe construction. To guarantee consistent quality, lower risk of accidents and damage and to ensure a qualified workforce, personnel for permanent joining frequently need to be approved by a notified body, recognized third party body or accredited certification body.

About Certification of Personnel for Permanent Joining

Combining the expertise for the approval process with our own resources for non-destructive testing, DEKRA can provide a complete package from a single source to fulfil all stages in the certification and qualification process. As a notified testing and certification body, all DEKRA welding experts can certify personnel for permanent joining, following requirements of all relevant standards, directives, national legislations or your individual specifications.
DEKRA provides services for the certification (qualification and approval testing) of personnel for fusion welding according to the following standards and codes:
  • EN 287-1 Qualification testing of welders: steels
  • ISO 9606-1 Qualification testing of welders: steels
  • ISO 9606-2 Qualification testing of welders: aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • ISO 9606-3 Approval testing of welders: copper and copper alloys
  • ISO 9606-4 Approval testing of welders: nickel and nickel alloys
  • ISO 9606-5 Approval testing of welders: titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium and zirconium alloys
DEKRA also offers qualification testing of welding and brazing personnel according to the following standards and codes:
  • ISO 14732 Welding personnel: Qualification testing of welding operators and weld setters for mechanized and automatic welding of metallic materials
  • ISO 13585 Brazing: Qualification testing of brazing operators and brazers