DEKRA seal

Additional service for certification

With select certification services, we have adopted use of the DEKRA seal, which is free of charge and is intended to increase the effectiveness of certifications already in use. The DEKRA seal is visible proof to your company's partners that the certified system at your organisation has been assessed in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standard and has been approved by the experts at an independent certification agency.

What can the DEKRA seal be used for?

You can use the DEKRA seal freely on your company’s marketing materials (e.g. website and company brochures), forms, business cards, vehicles and buildings. However, the seal cannot be altered. The seal cannot be placed on products, product packaging or user guides.

When can the DEKRA seal be used?

The right to use the seal to demonstrate the requirements of a standard have been fulfilled can be granted after a follow-up audit. The right is forfeited when the certification expires or is cancelled. The right to use the DEKRA seal is granted exclusively to your company. You cannot, for example, give it to your company's partners to use or to such subsidiaries or sister companies that have not been included on the certificate.

What does the DEKRA seal look like?

The DEKRA seal is sent to your company in digital format (high-resolution .jpg, .png, and .pdf format – for wide format printing, for example). The seal in use in Finland is green and is in English.

Can the DEKRA seal be edited?

The DEKRA seal is copyright-protected and it cannot be edited in any way: editing the seal, changing the colours, repositioning or deleting elements, adding new elements and editing the content is prohibited. When you resize the DEKRA seal to suit your company materials, ensure that the seal can be read – the minimum size for the font is Arial 4 px.

DEKRA logo

Unlike the DEKRA seal, which has been specifically created for customers, the DEKRA logo is the property of the companies that belong to the DEKRA group. DEKRA customers do not have the right to use the DEKRA logo in their company materials.