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Battery Test for Electric Cars
Reliable results in just 15 minutes

Battery Test for Electric Cars

Get a Transparent Evaluation of a Used EV Battery’s Capacity, Performance and Value.

As electromobility experts with many years of experience, we know about the importance of an electric car battery. It is the primary marker of an electric vehicle ‘s (EV) or plug-in hybrid ‘s value and unfavorable conditions such as an inefficient driving style, extreme temperatures and the number of charging cycles can diminish its capacity. With our Battery Test for Electric Cars, you can look beneath the surface and gain an accurate picture of the State of Health of a used electric car’s battery.
Available in various European countries and covering a large number of electric car models from different manufacturers, our web-based solution provides neutral, objective and independent battery test results that you can rely on when using, buying and selling used electric cars – in just 15 minutes.

Our solution provides an independent result on the health of the battery that you can trust when you use, buy or sell a used electric car.

Pasi Lahikainen, CEO, DEKRA Katsastus Oy
At the DEKRA test facility, factory-new electric car batteries are tested to obtain an initial value of the battery's state of health. The results are entered into a database and used for the patented algorithm for calculating SoH. Each electric car is unique and each car model must undergo a week of rigorous testing in DEKRA's development unit in Germany.


The analysis of the battery State of Health of an electric car only takes 15 minutes and offers an excellent time/accuracy ratio thanks to our comprehensive database and patented algorithm.


No reliance on manufacturer data or information from the seller – our experienced experts act independently and conduct our unique, verifiable and patented test based on real-time data collected during the test.


The simple, transparent test process of connect – accelerate – report determines the remaining battery capacity with immediate test results provided via e-mail.

The Battery Test Process 4 Easy Steps

In 15 minutes and four steps, you can determine the capacity of a used electric car battery with our web-based application:
Step one of the battery test
Step 1: Preparation

Open the DEKRA Battery Test web application on your smartphone and connect the car with the Vehicle Communication Interface.

Step two of the battery test
Step 2: Test

After entering the general vehicle data, the system retrieves the necessary diagnostic data to ensure the car’s general test readiness.

Step three of the battery test
Step 3: Dynamic Test

Now itʼs time to get behind the wheel as the relevant performance data can only be gathered while the electric car is moving. A brief acceleration over approx. 100 m is enough to provide the necessary data set.

Step four of the battery test
Step 4: Report

The evaluation is ready in minutes and shows the residual battery capacity in a clear, comprehensible format which you will receive the report via e-mail.

Increased security for buyers and sellers
With DEKRA's battery test, the state of health can not only be accurately measured, but also give a clear and comparable result on the actual battery capacity and thus an indication of where the battery is in the degradation process. This allows you to compare the test results between different electric cars, which provides a unique opportunity for buyers of a used electric car to reliably compare different electric cars with each other.
DEKRA's battery test will be just as important in the assessment of a used electric car as today's product declaration, VDN. A knowledge that is invaluable when buying a used electric car.

Frequently asked question of DEKRA Battery Test

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers concerning our Battery Test for Electric Vehicles.
What factors affect aging of an EV battery?
As the battery ages, its capacity gradually decreases, affecting the vehicle’s range. Furthermore, aging of the traction battery of an electric car means deterioration of the battery’s characteristics. In addition, high and low temperatures, overcharging (high voltage), deep discharging (low voltage), and high charging currents affect the EV battery’s State of Health and, consequently, its capacity.
Why is it important to know the remaining capacity of an EV battery?
How does this battery test for used electric cars differ from other tests?
Are there any prerequisites for testing?
How does the test work exactly?
What does the report contain and how do I obtain it?
Which vehicle types can the battery test currently be performed on?

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