Fire Protection and Ventilation

Comprehensive fire protection conformity testing to ensure building safety and compliance

DEKRA's rescue work testing service states and verifies the safety and reliability of equipment.

Our inspection operation develops and improves real estate fire alarm and rescue work systems. DEKRA’s experts provide architects, planners, manufacturers, operators and owners comprehensive, forward-looking and customized support, to ensure they are fulfilling all the necessary safety and legal obligations. The inspection documentation provided to you includes up-to-date information on the reliability of the equipment, as well as suggestions for repairs and improvements. Ideally, you will use the inspection documentation as a risk management tool and get decision support.
We can work with you from the earliest planning stages to ensure that your project meets all legal fire safety requirements. During construction, our experts ensure that any building technology faults or defects are detected at an early stage and that costs are minimized. DEKRA fire protection experts provide support in the areas of technical building equipment, ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical systems.
Whatever the size of your building and wherever it is located, our global team of fire protection specialists can work with you to ensure that it is safe and conforms to all applicable regulations and legal requirements. We have decades of experience in this area and all our experts are accredited by the relevant building authorities for the countries we serve.
  • Automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment and the testing of electrical equipment are part of fire safety. The testing is based on the needs of the client, but it is also statutory.
  • Inspection in accordance with applicable standards & laws.
  • Support in achieving regulatory and legal conformity.
  • Ensuring that the equipment is reliable and fit for purpose.
  • Regular inspection and servicing of equipment minimises and controls risks; reliable and appropriate equipment is the best safeguard in case of emergency.
  • Well-maintained equipment in good working order is the best safeguard in the event of damage.

We serve:

  • Architects, designers and equipment manufacturers.
  • Property owners and tenants.
  • Electrical contractors.
  • Fire alarm businesses.
  • Businesses servicing and installing fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Industrial maintenance in technical inspections.

Services for property owners

To us, the reliability of testing results, impartiality and independence are important values on which we will not compromise. We offer a comprehensive service; during a single visit we will perform an authorised inspection of fire and rescue equipment as well as the testing of relevant electrical equipment. Depending on our clients' needs, we provide all the inspection services related to real estate!
  • Commissioning inspections
  • Scheduled inspections
  • Inspection certificates
  • Inspection of plans
  • Water source measurements
  • Conformity assessment
Fire alarm equipment and automatic fire extinguishing equipment testing services

    Commissioning inspections

    A commissioning inspection is an inspection of fire alarm equipment or automated fire extinguishing equipment that is new or has been refurbished, extended or modified, carried out by a third party. The commissioning inspection must be performed before the final review, or the commissioning of the building or part of building protected by said equipment.
    The commissioning inspection states that the equipment conforms to the plans and is in good operating order. The scope of the inspection is adequate and it is performed using random tests, also at different stages of the construction, if necessary. We ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose according to the building permit, and that the planning and installations meet the requirements.
    Approval for rescue equipment inspections. Authorised inspection agency for inspections in accordance with the Rescue Equipment Act 10/2007 for fire alarm and automatic extinguishing equipment.
    Accredited by FINAS: