Cyber Security

Digitalization is making life smarter, but also provides a target for crime. Therefore, security must be of the utmost importance for every networked part. On the way to zero risks in a digital world DEKRA is positioning itself as a global partner to close security gaps.
DEKRA is continuously expanding its range of accreditations for product safety and mobility in order to be able to guarantee the highest security standards. With its 360° CyberSafety Services, for example, DEKRA offers comprehensive solutions for the protection and security of data, networks, infrastructures and processes. In addition, specialists work in technical committees to establish new data protection standards.
DEKRA supports the political demands of the TIC industry associations regarding the EU Cyber-Security Act. These include certifications involving independent, accredited third parties and a risk-based approach to determining the scope of compliance assessments. DEKRA is always available as a partner for even more intensive cooperation and networking between all institutions entrusted with Cyber Security.