Work Safety

Everyday over 7.000 people around the world die due to work place accidents and illnesses - new approaches are therefore needed to move toward Vision Zero. In this context, industry 4.0 not only makes it possible to relieve the burden on employee using autonomously operating systems, but also improves new demands on working time. This is why DEKRA has set itself the goal of thinking ahead for safe and healthy work places.
DEKRA is very interested in the further development of effective occupational safety management. The standard ISO 45001 is currently the most effective basis for state-of-the-art occupational health and safety in companies. DEKRA is already involved in an innovation partnership with the Fraunhofer Society on achieving safe human-machine cooperation. Moreover, in the EU research project “PETROBOT ” robotised inspection systems from DEKRA are helping to relieve humans, when it comes to performing dangerous inspection work in process industries such as the oil and chemical sectors.
DEKRA's central demand is an open discussion on the effects of technological and social changes such as mobile working. DEKRA is always available as a partner for an even more intensive cooperation and networking of all institutions entrusted with work safety.