Certificates and accereditions

Quranteed quality

We are an independent inspection company with regulatory approval. We act as an expert in technical conformity assessments. We provide reliable and impartial assurance that basic safety and approvals are in order.
Our management and staff are committed to acting with absolute impartiality and independence. We treat our clients equally. Our staff are trained to identify conflicts of interest, which are handled in such a way that the independence of our operations is not compromised. Our client relationships are based on the solid trust we have built up over decades with our clients through professional, flexible and constructive cooperation.
We live closely with the times and with change, constantly developing a better service. DEKRA's national and international expertise in different business areas is available to our clients to help them succeed in their own operations.

DEKRA SEAL for safety and quality

A symbol you can trust
The DEKRA Seal is awarded to companies, products or individuals that have officially met and adhere to defined standards, such as safety, quality or sustainability standards. It is clear, transparent proof of performance from an independent and impartial body. The reliability and transparency of the DEKRA Seal is of great importance to DEKRA. Therefore, the criteria used are clearly indicated in our DEKRA Seal database. https://search​.dekra-seal​.com/index​.php/en/