ISO 3834-2 certification

The international ISO 3834 family of standards covers the processes involved for fusion welding of metallic materials.

In principle, there are three options for ISO 3834 certification as a requirement standard: ISO 3834-2, -3 and -4. DEKRA offers ISO 3834, part 2 certification. Part 2 is the most stringent, best known and most demanded and certified system. From an assessment point of view, the main difference between the different parts is the requirement for documented evidence of the company's performance.

In order to meet the requirements, they must first be identified. Easily identified are the mandatory regulatory requirements: laws, directives and regulations. In addition to these, there are numerous operating environments that impose their own requirements on the welded structure to be produced. A requirement from the environment, for example from the customer, cannot override the mandatory requirements. However, additional requirements agreed with the customer are as binding as any other requirements imposed by law or product standard.
Identifying and defining requirements and monitoring them appropriately at all stages of the welding process is important, as product quality is the end result of the process.

Application area

The certificate can also be limited to certain welded structures produced by the company. Without limitation, certification to ISO 3834-2 covers all welded production within the company. If the scope of the certification excludes installation work, the company's certification is only valid under workshop conditions. Similarly, if welding under installation conditions is included in the scope of certification, the installation site must be assessed in an audit.

ISO 3834-2 certification and its maintenance

The company must describe its own procedures in accordance with the requirements. These descriptions may be in any form established by the company; in written form, e.g. in a quality manual, an activity description, an operating system or process descriptions. The description of the activity may also be in a fully electronic format.
The first audit assesses the whole system and its functionality. The next two audits are carried out on a sample basis and in the third year a 'recertification' is carried out to assess the system as a whole.
After the EN ISO 3834-2 certification audit, two periodic audits are carried out, followed by recertification. The certification decision is based on the audit documentation provided by the main auditor, whether the certificate is valid or not, or whether the certificate can be granted. In addition, during the periodic audit, changes to the certificate may be requested, such as:
  • withdrawal
  • extension or limitation of the scope, or
  • transfer to a new owner of the company.
The decision to extend, revoke, extend or limit the scope of the certificate is taken by the Certification Committee. The decision will be based on the periodic audit, the report of the Chief Auditor and any other documentation.
The ISO 3834 family of standards consists of the following parts:
  • Part 1: Criteria for the selection of an appropriate level of quality requirements
  • Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
  • Part 3: Standard quality requirements
  • Part 4: Basic quality requirements
  • Part 5: Documents needed to demonstrate the quality requirements of Parts 2 to 4
  • Part 6: Guidelines on implementing ISO 3834 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials)
S 048 SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17065
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