Statutory inspections of electrical installations (validation and scheduled inspections)

DEKRA is a leading global specialist in electrical installations. We work with our customers to help them ensure compliance, detect faults and minimise costs.

During and after construction, our experts ensure that potential technical faults and damage are detected early and costs are minimised. We offer versatile electrical equipment testing services. Our clients in technical testing are property owners and operators of electrical equipment, electrical contractors, fire alarm businesses and industrial clients. We perform validation testing on new, modified or refurbished electrical equipment and scheduled inspections on electrical equipment.

Validation testing

On new, modified or refurbished electrical equipment in accordance with the Electrical Safety Act. The testing verifies:
  • that the electrical equipment fulfils the set electrical safety requirements.
  • that the appropriate commissioning inspection has been performed on the electrical equipment.

Scheduled inspections

On electrical equipment maximum scheduled service intervals according to the Electrical Safety Act:
  • that the use of the electrical equipment is safe and that the measures listed in the servicing and maintenance programme have been performed on the equipment.
  • that the instruments, drawings, diagrams and instructions required for operating and maintaining the electrical equipment are available.
  • that appropriate records exist for the extension and modification work performed on the electrical equipment.

Ensuring the safety of electrical installations

Electrical inspections are a legal requirement, but above all they are the basis for safety. An incorrectly installed, aged or worn electrical installation is a safety risk. DEKRA carries out periodic inspections of electrical installations as well as certification inspections for new, modified and repaired electrical installations.
    In addition to the contractor's commissioning inspection, electrical installations must undergo a validation inspection if they are Class 1, 2 or 3 electrical installations. A validation inspection must also be carried out for major modifications and extensions to the electrical installation. Validation inspection declares according to he Electrical Safety Act 1135/2016:
    • the electrical equipment meets the requirements for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
    • the electrical installation has undergone an appropriate commissioning check.
    A certificate of inspection is issued to the holder of the electrical installations and the electrical contractor on the results of the inspection carried out. In addition, an inspection sticker shall be affixed to the main switchboard or equivalent location of the electrical installation.
    Authorised inspection agency for electrical equipment inspections in accordance with Electrical Safety Act 1135/2016.