Mekaaniset tarkastukset

DEKRA is a world-leader in the development of new technologies for mechanized inspections and tests of business-critical installations, systems, and materials for companies operating in petro chemistry, the processing industry, and the energy sector.

Our range of innovative mechanized non-destructive testing (mNDT) solutions integrate the latest robotics technologies to help you increase the efficiency, productivity, reliability and predictability of business-critical operations. DEKRA’s experts worldwide help our customers reduce or avoid system downtime, increase safety and efficiency and decrease the likelihood of unplanned maintenance or system failure.
DEKRA offers you a fully comprehensive range of mechanized non-destructive testing services, with over 2,000 DEKRA inspectors worldwide, trained and accredited to the latest international quality standards. Our experts ensure uniform quality standards at the highest level for mechanized non-destructive testing procedures, helping you to maximize operational awareness and capital discipline: the core to success across the oil, gas and chemicals value chains.