Quality control for welding

NDT data put to use with welding quality control

Quality control becoming common with the quality standards required by EU. Machine shops and production facilities that manufacture steel structures must conform to the increasingly strict regulations if they intend to operate in the EU market. Managing the numerous EN and ISO quality control standards is difficult, but it also provides opportunities to put the data obtained through monitoring and inspections to use.

Real-time quality control

The automation of welding production and the increase in production speeds create new challenges for automating NDT inspections and making the inspection results quickly available. Real-time data is obtained almost automatically about weld quality, which allows systematic and frequent weld deficiencies to be quickly addressed. Smaller machine shops can utilise the available reports as a part of their own quality control systems.

More than an inspection report

DEKRA's solution to the challenge is centralised digital document management. DEKRA’s inspection report is more than just a document. The collected data and system is utilised by customers diversely also with quality control and supervising projects. The centralised management of data ensures it is current and eliminates overlapping data. The authenticity of the documents is ensured using digital signatures.

Document management

There is one current copy of a document. The file format is compatible with different systems and the user rights can be managed centrally.

Digital signature

Digital signatures verify the content and the identity of the person signing the document.

Delivering reports

Data is archived in the document management system, from which they are available for download. Documents can also be sent as email attachments.

Using NDT reports for quality control with welding

The data can be used for quality control and project supervision.
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