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EN 1090-2 voluntary product certification

EN 1090-2 voluntary product certification

Voluntary product certification is for companies that only provide a service, for example for a CE-marked product. In this case, the company does not own the product (and therefore cannot, of course, affix the CE marking to the product).

Surface treatment

Voluntary product certification can be granted to companies that carry out surface treatment (e.g. wet painting or galvanising). Such an audit will take into account EN 1090-1 clause 6.3, where applicable, i.e. the structural design process or assembly specification will not be assessed.

In addition to EN 1090-1, clause 6.3, the requirements of EN 1090-2 (or EN 1090-3, -4, -5, which are quite rare) for the process in question are assessed. For the surface treatment, EN 1090-2 section 10 and its associated Annex F are relevant.

Thermal cutting

Thermal cutting is one of the EN 1090-2 processes. Please note that voluntary product certification does not lead to CE marking, so a company with voluntary product certification is not allowed to supply cuts within the scope of EN 1090-1 (via the CE marking requirement) directly to the site. Certification leading to CE marking is in practice a similar process to voluntary product certification, so companies supplying CE marked clips should be certified according to EN 1090-1, not EN 1090-2.

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