Sustainability at DEKRA


Sustainability is a fundamental principle of our company and our business activities. Our overarching goal is to ensure the long-term success of the company while considering our social and ecological responsibility. We are aware of this responsibility in the context of increasing global challenges with regard to sustainable development in economy, environment and society.

Sustainability is part of our values

For us at DEKRA, sustainability is an intrinsic part of our everyday work. Through our activities, we contribute to shaping the future of the economy, the environment and society.
Our testing, inspection, certification and vehicle inspection activities provide our customers services based on the best safety, reliability and availability of equipment and systems. A properly inspected device and an objectively assessed system also support sustainability objectives by operating as designed and to specification, safely and reliably throughout its lifecycle.

"Sustainability is embedded in our values: compliance, integrity and ethics."

DEKRA aims to be a leader in sustainability by 2025. In the summer of 2020, we took a significant step and committed to the UN Global Compact principles and the SDGs as part of our company values. We also expect our own suppliers to adhere to the same values.

At DEKRA, we are guided by the following key principles of sustainability:

Social responsibility for safety and security. Safety is at the heart of our strategy. We promote safety in all walks of life around the world, including through our commitment to society. We work with our partners on security issues and actively contribute our expertise to public and political debate. Our global contribution to improving environmental, business and social security is our most important contribution to a sustainable future.
Managing the company responsibly, taking into account our corporate and environmental responsibilities. Acting in a spirit of fair competition and not accepting bribery of any kind. Treating the information of our customers, partners and employees with confidentiality. Honesty, integrity and impartiality guides our actions in accordance with DEKRA's Code of Ethics.
Taking responsibility of our employees. The expertise and integrity of our employees are our most important assets. We strive to provide meaningful employment. We put the health and safety of our employees first. We aim to avoid accidents at work and eliminate potential hazards. Teamwork, mutual trust and loyalty are the basis of our cooperation. We value the diversity of our workforce, promote equality and support the development of our employees.
Contributing to the protection of the environment and climate. Protecting the environment and its resources is one of our priorities. We take environmental considerations into account both in our internal activities and in the professional services we provide to our customers.
Taking responsibility of our entire value chain, from procurement to internal processes and customer relations. Requiring socially and environmentally responsible behaviour from the service providers we use. Through the expertise and skills of our employees, we ensure the quality of our services and thereby contribute to sustainable development. We take a customer-centred approach and strive to find solutions that support sustainable development.
Promoting innovation and profitability for sustainable development. We are constantly developing our skills and are ready to use new technologies. DEKRA promotes innovation within the company not only through internal innovation and brainstorming, but also through cooperation with external partners. Our goal is to be a global partner in a safe world.
We will tell you more about DEKRA's sustainable development on the Group's website: https://www​.dekra​.com/en/sustainability/