ISO 9001 certification
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ISO 9001 Certification

Optimise your quality processes via an ISO 9001 audit

An ISO 9001 audit evaluates the quality of your processes and services. By obtaining ISO 9001 certification, you commit to ongoing improvement. DEKRA's experts concentrate on your organization's unique quality processes during the audit. This tailored approach ensures that your ISO 9001 certification aligns precisely with your organization's needs.

One of the most important characteristics of ISO 9001 is its risk-based approach. ISO-9001-certified organisations recognise opportunities, flag potential hazards, derive appropriate control measures from these opportunities and hazards and then evaluate the effectiveness of their control measures. This optimises your quality management systems and the corresponding processes: regardless of the size of your organisation, its focus or the sector or industry in which it operates.

Ensuring consistent quality with certification of your quality management system

Reliable quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures consistently high product or service quality - regardless of the size, industry and orientation of your company.

With the support of our experts, you can prove the effectiveness of your optimized processes and benefit from international competitive advantages.
Understanding your ISO 9001 certification
As the cornerstone of quality standards, the ISO 9001 certification ensures a consistent level of excellence in products and services, laying the groundwork for effective quality management. In today's globally competitive landscape, adopting a systematic approach to quality management within your organization is paramount. We seamlessly navigate you through the certification process, assessing your quality management system across seven key steps. Our auditors draw on many years of interdisciplinary expertise, tailoring their approach to suit the unique needs of your situation. It's worth noting that DIN EN ISO 9001 is applicable across diverse industries, ranging from healthcare to construction companies.
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    1. Information and preliminary audit (optional)
      Information meeting (by telephone or in person), on-site project discussion and preparation for certification including document review
    2. On-site certification
      Readiness analysis with assessment and review of the management system description, review of documented processes and optional post-audit (review of corrective actions)
    3. Audit report and evaluation
      Documentation of the audit and evaluation of the management system
    4. Certificate and seal
      After successful completion, you will receive your certificate and the DEKRA test seal (with a maximum term of three years)
    5. First surveillance audit
      A surveillance audit of the practical implementation is conducted every twelve months
    6. Second surveillance audit
      Repeated auditing of the practical implementation of the management system
    7. Recertification
      Three years after initial certification, steps 2 to 6 are repeated for the recertification audit

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    • With our auditors possessing extensive cross-industry experience in certifying management systems, you can rely on our expertise.
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    • Leverage our global network of over 200 accreditations and customizable services to optimize your benefits and ensure maximum advantage.
    ISO 9001 certification requirements & principles
    Make certification readiness easier with a simplified checklist and explore our 7 step process to certification.
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    You can rely on DEKRA to help you with all your audit and certification needs. Our auditors have many years of experience in the certification of management systems.

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    Stand out from your competitors and strengthen your market strategies with successful certification, represented by our recognized DEKRA seal of approval.

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    Globally, we are authorised to issue more than 200 types of accreditation and our services can be combined to maximise the benefits for you.

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    What does ISO 9001 certification cost?
    The cost of ISO 9001 certification can vary significantly depending on several factors specific to your organization. Here's a breakdown of what influences the price:
    • Your organization's size and complexity: Larger or more intricate operations generally have higher certification costs.
    • Number of employees: The number of staff involved in your quality management system can influence the cost.
    • Combining with other standards: Consider combining ISO 9001 with related standards like ISO 14001 (environment) or ISO 45001 (safety). This can be more cost-effective than separate certifications.
    Want a personalized cost estimate? Get a free online quote on our website to see how much ISO 9001 certification might cost for your organization.
    What is the High Level Structure of ISO 9001?