Metallographic Testing of Materials

Metallographic Testing of Materials to Verify Against Product Requirements or for Research and Development

Metallographic testing uses standardized test methods to reveal and determine macro- and micro scale visual characteristics of a material. Furthermore, a dedicated expert can draw conclusions on the current state of a material and reflect this information against possible failures and remaining lifetime of materials in process components. Metallurgical examinations can also be performed on-site by replicating the surface of interest for later metallographic studies in the laboratory. DEKRA offers you these and other test methods in our own accredited test laboratories.

About Metallographic Testing of Materials

DEKRA offers metallographic testing procedures in its own accredited testing laboratories, analyzing the micro- and macro level details of materials, including:
  • Metallographic specimen sampling and specimen preparation
  • Standardized micro- and macro-evaluations
  • Optical light microscopy and microstructural image analysis
  • Analysis of welds and welded components
  • Examination of surface layers and coatings
  • Thin section and transmitted light microscopy
  • Fracture surface analysis for failed and tested components
  • Scanning electron microscopy with micro analysis (SEM/EDS)
  • Evaluation of surface replicas for materials properties e.g. creep assessment
Metallographic examinations are used in a variety of ways in standard testing and damage analysis. Classically, sections are made through the sample, embedded in synthetic resin, finally ground and polished to ensure scratch free surfaces. The finest structures can then be viewed at a magnification of up to 1000 times using a light microscope. The scanning electron microscope enables even higher magnifications, supplemented by a microanalytical determination of the surface using the EDS.
As a rule, the microstructure tests are evaluated in one of our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. In time critical projects such as plant maintenance and shutdowns, however, DEKRA is also able to carry out the evaluation directly at your site. Using our mobile metallography laboratories on-site, we can carry out the sampling, preparation and the evaluation and documentation before DEKRA’s experts leave your plant.