Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) authorizes DEKRA experts

DEKRA Can Now Check Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Oct 10, 2023

DEKRA has been authorized by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) to independently test and certify hydrogen refueling systems in accordance with ISO 19880-1. This puts DEKRA among the first three recognized testing organizations to be authorized by CEP for this future task.

Until now, the testing, evaluation and certification of refueling protocols for hydrogen filling systems has been carried out exclusively by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) initiative in conjunction with the system and vehicle manufacturers. CEP brings together Germany’s market players in the field of hydrogen refueling.
The pressure system experts from the approved inspection body of DEKRA Automobil GmbH can now check and evaluate the data about the refueling process submitted by the system builder according to ISO 19880-1 and issue a corresponding report. In addition, they are able to certify hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) for compliance with DIN EN 17124 in conjunction with ISO 19880-1 and issue inspection tags.
This is a further important step for DEKRA on the route to ensuring a safe and comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure. As an expert testing organization, DEKRA shares the vision of the hydrogen economy and is supporting the industry with expertise and a wide range of services and solutions. The aim is to facilitate the transformation for all consumption sectors - mobility, industry and buildings - and to design a secure infrastructure for the generation, storage and distribution of hydrogen. In addition, DEKRA experts are involved in national and international committees, industry organizations and associations.