Three DEKRA testing labs worldwide can certify Wi-Fi 7 devices

DEKRA is the first Authorized Test Laboratory in Europe and Asia to certify Wi-Fi 7

Jan 17, 2024 Cyber Security / Industrial / Product Safety / Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA expands its scope as an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) by the Wi-Fi Alliance©, incorporating the certification of devices according to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ certification program into its services. This recognition positions DEKRA as the first laboratory in the world to simultaneously obtain the authorization to certify Wi-Fi 7 devices in three locations: Málaga (Spain), Guangzhou (Mainland China), and Taiwan. Furthermore, this implies that DEKRA has become the first, and currently the only, authorized testing lab for Wi-Fi 7 in Europe.

"Wi-Fi 7 elevates the speed, device capacity, and time efficiency within the home, enterprise, and industrial wireless ecosystems, unlocking solutions to the rising demand for high data speeds and capabilities, fueled by the use of 4K and 8K video, real-time apps, virtual reality & augmented reality, remote working, and other wireless applications. We are proud to be the first laboratory in Europe and Asia to obtain the authorization to certify Wi-Fi 7 devices. This global achievement in three of our labs showcases our agility in embracing new services and underscores DEKRA's unwavering commitment to innovation", stated Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA.
Wi-Fi 7, also named IEEE 802.11be standard, introduces new and optimized functionalities that enhance connectivity in various environments such as automotive, industrial, IoT, hybrid & remote work, gaming and streaming. One of the major improvements that Wi-Fi 7 presents, and which differentiates this new version from Wi-Fi 6, is its performance, which can be even considerably better than wired solutions.
Also, Wi-Fi 7 increases the channel size of the 6-GHz band, expanding from 160MHz to 320MHz, which results in a doubled capacity for simultaneous data transmission. This feature, together with the enhanced data speed and concurrent transmission and reception of data across multiple links, is particularly advantageous for data-intensive applications like streaming and online gaming. With Wi-Fi 7, users can experience enhanced performance, minimized latency and bolstered reliability of the connection.
As an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) for Wi-Fi, DEKRA can also support customers in certifying their products according to additional Wi-Fi certification programs, such as Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, WPA3 and Wi-Fi HaLow, among others. In addition, DEKRA offers a wide range of wireless and connectivity testing and certification services.