DT – destructive testing

Full-service metal laboratory

Our accredited (FINAS accrediting service) testing laboratory has modern testing equipment, its own efficient machining unit for preparing samples and a NDT inspection unit. Due to the comprehensive services, test results can be delivered quickly and at a competitive price.

Our services cover all of Finland

The DEKRA metal laboratories are located in Turku and Oulu.

The Turku laboratory has comprehensive experience and a high-quality customer-centric testing process. In connection with our Turku laboratory, we have our own efficient machining unit for preparing test rods and samples. We also conduct on-site NDT inspections for objects delivered to us for testing.

Our Oulu laboratory works in cooperation with the University of Oulu. The university has solid expertise with metals and materials research. Together with the University of Oulu, we have an impressive combination of expertise and equipment infrastructure to produce precise test results.

Services and Finas accreditation

Our laboratories are accredited by FINAS accrediting service T220 (SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025). Our accredited testing services include:
•    tension test
•    hot tension test
•    bend test
•    impact resistance test
•    hardness tests
•    macro-structure tests
•    elemental analysis with portable OES spectrometer 


Accreditations by FINAS


DEKRA Finas information Accreditation certificate Competency areas

Our other services include:

•    damage analysis
•    metallurgy
•    electron microscopy SEM
•    PMI measurements with OES and XRF elemental analysers

Our new services

•    impact test ASTM E23 (accredited at Turku laboratory)
•    Tension test with elevated temperature (accredited at Oulu laboratory)
•    Tension test ASTM E8 (accredited)
•    Electron microscopy SEM
•    Testing cutting procedure tests
•    PMI measurements and metal analysis using XRF elemental analyser 

Locations and contact information

Test specimen delivery, electronic orders and visiting and postal address:

Turku office:

DEKRA Industrial Oy
Telakkakatu 1
20240 Turku

Oulu office:

DEKRA Industrial Oy
Lumijoentie 8
90400 Oulu


Pay attention to following details when ordering a test:

Contact us

Teppo Vihervä
+358 400 183 151
Telakkakatu 1, 20240 Turku

Jani Kantola
+358 44 076 1391
Lumijoentie 8, 90400 Oulu

Karoliina Oksanen
+358 400 580 927
Telakkakatu 1, 20240 Turku