NDT – non-destructive testing

The most recent NDT knowledge 

DEKRA Industrial Oy is Finland’s leading expert in non-destructive testing.

Quality control that covers the life-cycle of structures and products keeps the wheels spinning. The quality of metal structures can be measured by both breaking the material (DT) and without breaking the material (NDT). NDT testing looks for surface or hidden deficiencies in the material, which may lead to failures or malfunctions. The manufacturing process that affects durability and safety and the wear and fatigue of metals caused from use.

Regular inspections of metal structures is the foundation for uninterrupted operations and financial feasibility. NDT methods are used to verify the product’s quality in different phases of its life-cycle, from manufacture to the end of its service life.


NDT is standardised, which defines material integrity, supports product development and monitors the quality of manufacture and installation.

The research methods include surface and volumetric inspection methods.  Surface inspections include magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and eddy-current tests, for example. Volumetric inspections include ultrasonic and radiographic tests.

Most recent knowledge, DEKRA’s services

We carry out inspections, tests and assessments in the central areas of industry: steel structures, pressure equipment, electrical equipment, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, and non-destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing (DT) of materials.

Our NDT testing operations have the following permits:

DEKRA Industrial Oy is an inspection agency I009 SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17020 (Type A) accredited by FINAS accrediting service. 

DEKRA Finas information

•    SFS-EN ISO 9712 / Nordtest personnel qualifications
•    SNT-TC-1A (ASME) personnel qualifications
•    Registered NDT organisation (NTO), SFS-EN ISO 9712 / Nordtest
•    NDT testing agency approved by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)
•    Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, NDT testing agency
•    DNV, thickness measurement

Non-destructive testing services

•    Visual testing (VT)
•    Penetrant testing (PT)
•    Magnetic-particle testing (MT)
•    Radiographic testing (RT), corrosion description
•    Digital radiography
•    Ultrasound testing (UT), thickness measurement
•    Phased array ultrasound testing (PA UT)
•    IRIS testing
•    Eddy-current testing (ET)
•    Leakage testing (LT), helium testing
•    Magnetic flux leakage testing (MFL)
•    Mechanised testing
•    Guided wave
•    Calibration service for UT equipment

Expert services

•    SFS-EN ISO 9712 / Nordtest level 3 expert services
•    ASNT level III expert services (ASME)
•    Inspection plans, selection of inspection methods
•    Drafting of inspection instructions
•    Training


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