Failure analyses & Expert services

Failures are often unpredictable. A leaking pipe can be fixed or a faulty device replaced but do these
measures guarantee a safe working environment and prevent similar failures in the future?

Failures create unnecessary downtime and repair costs that can lead to significant financial
consequences. A thorough and well-structured failure analysis plays an important role in finding the
root cause thus preventing failures occurring time and again.

Identifying the reasons behind a failure in damaged component requires substantial understanding
of materials and processes. DEKRA’s failure analyses are impartial and based on facts and expertise.
These qualities are needed to arrive at the right conclusions but also to prove impartiality in dispute
or liability cases.


Expert in failure analyses – at your service

With state-of-the-art technology and broad network of experts, we can offer failure analyses,
elemental analyses and various other material tests fast and cost-effectively.

When necessary we are ready to perform on-site assessment, ensuring documenting and collecting
of vital evidences in safe and professional way.



Metallurgical services:

We investigate the fracture propagation and mechanism types, identifying the point of fracture
initiation by optical- and electron microscopes (SEM). We examine the grain size and shape as well
as different phases in material.


Analysis services:

We analyse composition of various base materials, corrosion products and particles with elemental
analysers (SEM/EDS, OES and XRF) and evaluate the suitability of various materials to their operation


Destructive test services:

We perform destructive tests with state-of-the-art equipment for various materials. We can advise,
if material properties have contributed to failure occurrence or if damage could be avoided by
selecting other materials.


Planning and reporting:

We construct a quotation and investigation plan on case by case basis. If needed, we can perform
on-site assessment and evidence collection. Our analyses and material investigations include a clear
and consistent written report, with findings and conclusions.


Industry and references:

Regardless of the industry or type of metal, we are pleased to help you with failure analyses. We
have served our customers in various industries and many applications, such as:



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