Mechanized Visual Testing

Visual Testing of Materials Using Submarine, Manipulator and Rover Robots

Everything you need for non-destructive visual inspections and testing (also known and NDE non-destructive examination or NDI non-destructive inspection). DEKRA offer a full range of products and services for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspections across all major industrial applications. Our systems have been designed and manufactured to be watertight and radiation tolerant, making them suitable for use in a variety of challenging environments.
Our inspection systems are suitable for applications such as the inspection of tanks, ships, wind turbines, and nuclear power plants. All video and photographic data can be captured and stored for detailed analysis and review.
  • All products are watertight and radiation tolerant
  • Experience across multiple industrial markets
  • Trained personnel, certified by a variety of industry standard testing methods
In addition to the visual inspection cameras and systems we have special trained personnel, certified by a variety of industry standard testing methods to assure the best results.

About Visual Testing

Since the foundation of DEKRA visatec in 1993, DEKRA has been developing cameras for visual inspection and high-end systems for the best viewing results, even in the most difficult and rough environments. Our customers receive the best engineering know-how tailored exactly to their requirements with each of our technical solutions. Every DEKRA visual inspection system is a sophisticated engineering service, tailor-made and expandable, delivering high-resolution visualization, maximum safety, minimum downtimes and maximum cost-effectiveness.
DEKRA’s inspection cameras, recovery tools, trolleys, ROVs and data insertion systems have been used reliably for many years in visual inspections and for documentation purposes in industry and power plants. Equipped with highly developed, radiation-resistant inspection cameras, non-destructive tests in the nuclear sector are optimally executed worldwide.
DEKRA provides visual inspection systems and services for the following industries:
  • Nuclear energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industry
  • Offshore
  • Renewable Energies
DEKRA also supports during the outage tasks with a remotely controlled under water vehicle (VT Dolphin). The System is generally for visual inspection and FOSAR activities, but can also execute ultrasonic testing of baffle bolts.
The range of inspections, which could be carried out by the VT Dolphin are:
  • Visual inspection of RPVs and RPV internals
  • Visual inspection of the primary loops up to the steam generator
  • Fuel element check in case of damages while unloading
  • Core mapping
  • General surveillance during unloading and reloading of the reactor
  • Ultrasonic inspection of baffle bolts
Our range of mechanized visual testing solutions includes:
  • A fleet of Rovers
  • VT Delfin for remote inspection of pressurized water reactors, including steam generator (SG), main coolant line and baffle bolt
  • THOR for mechanized visual inspection of the vessel head penetrations of pressurized water reactors