Application for certification

Application for certification in Finland

Can the certification body be changed? Yes. The certification body can be changed easily for part of the management systems.

We exchange the necessary information with you and we are in contact with your previous certification institution, we make a contract and issue you a certificate. All this usually without additional auditing. In this process, your certificate issued by the previous certification body will expire and we will continue the same three-year certification cycle that you have had before.
In product certification performed by a Notified Body (EN 1090-1, EN 13084-7), the certification body cannot be changed by simply viewing the documentation (as can be done with management systems). The notified Institution must carry out an initial inspection before the certificate can be issued. On the other hand, you may have a certificate issued by more than one Notified Institution. for the system.
Preliminary certification application / information for contacting and calculating the offer: